Tuesday Jul 16, 2024

Advantages Of VPLS Network Solutions

In today’s fast paced business world, keeping up to date with the latest technology can help to ensure the best possible efficiency. Technology is continuously advancing and developing, those businesses that are able to respond quickly to such changes are able to retain their competitive edge. To this end, a VPLS solution is useful for many medium to large size businesses.

VPLS refers to Virtual Private LAN Service, this is a network that utilizes MAC addresses which have Layer 2 Switching, as compared to the Layer 3 MPLS solutions which have become a popular choice. The main advantage on offer through choosing this type of system is that it allows a business to stay in full control of IP routing.

An IT department can be a lot more agile and responsive in fine tuning the installed systems, and dedicate bandwidth to meet the varying level of customer and client demand. With a VPLS network, there is the possibility to carry out a rapid reconfiguration without the need to contact the service provider to take steps by acting upon your needs and requests.

Making changes to this type of network only takes a fraction of time as compared to what would be needed to alter the configuration of a MPLS service. The planning process is simpler, which in itself is an important concept in today’s digital intensive IT Support business world. It is possible to add new portals and sites easily by changing the router which connects to the network, this is not the case with MPLS, expert network engineers would say that VPLS can be reconfigured in a tenth of the time of a multi protocol layer socket network.

It is suggested that companies which integrate a Virtual Private LAN Service network into their operations are able to have a smoother service which in turn improves customer satisfaction. Any faults or problems that develop can be addressed quicker as they are easy to isolate and fix.

Less downtime and outages result in greater productivity and efficiency overall, priorities can be defined easier which in turn maximizes the efficient usage of the network. Services such as video conferencing can be given more bandwidth during times of peak usage.

Another draw is that with this system, a company can lower costs. There are a number of reasons why this type of network is more affordable, for example, there can be a convergence of services so that traffic can be carried through a single interface, thus reducing the need for multiple lines. What’s more, VPLS uses the same principles as LAN, therefore no additional training is required for staff. With fewer and smaller routers as compared with MPLS, this also brings down the costs.

In summary, a Virtual Private LAN Service offers a number of advantages to business. Fast data transfer speeds, ease of use, and relatively low costs are all attractive features. This type of network can enhance the customer experience, and ensure that efficiency and profitability targets are reached with ease. As VPLS is also highly scalable, keeping up with demand is not a difficult issue.


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