Monday Jun 17, 2024

An Overview on the Job of Medical Assistant

In general, medical assistants perform clinical and administrative tasks in the physician’s office. As for the specific duties performed, it is noted that these duties differ depending upon the type, size as well as the location of the medical service rendered. For smaller practices, these professionals are generalists who assume clinical and administrative responsibilities. For larger practices, they usually will specialize in a particular area.

In regard to administrative responsibilities, members of this profession are expected to perform such tasks as answering telephones, scheduling appointments made by patients, filling patients’ medical records and insurance forms, managing bookkeeping and billing as well as arranging for admission to the hospital.

For clinical responsibilities, they will carry out duties such as taking medical histories, clarifying procedures for treatment, preparing equipments, drawing blood, doing laboratory tests and providing guidance to patients on special diets and medications. Moreover, they will also help in preparing the patients for x-rays, sterilizing Benzo Withdrawal medical equipment, taking electrocardiograms, removing sutures and recording signs from patients.

Such duties require the mastery of certain skills in order that one can be great a medical assistant. One such skill is communication skill as members of this profession will need to help patients to be at ease and explain medical procedures. Alongside this skill, dexterity and visual acuity are also required. This is so as to perform some clinical duties to the best of one’s ability.

Can this job be rewarding in terms of monetary gain? This is dependent on factors such as educational background, skills, experience as well as the geographic location one works. According to the AAMA 2004 Medical Assisting Survey, the average salary for certified medical assistants. On the other hand, the average salary for non-certified medical assistants.

The trend is increasing for demand of certified medical assistants. Within the next 10 years, there is an anticipated need of twenty-percent more workers needed than are currently employed. This prospect of job growth makes this field of health care very attractive. The amount of time spent in classes or training programs receiving the appropriate certification will likely lead to a position in this growing field.

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