Tuesday Jul 16, 2024

Each Gemstone Ring Is Different From Another – Some Facts to Keep in Mind

When looking for Gemstone Rings you will notice that there are many things that make each ring different and unique. There are several different styles of stones and settings to choose from and it is good to be aware of your options.

Cabochon cut Gemstone Rings have rounded stones rather than stones cut with angles. This style is popular for some semi-precious stones whose appealing properties are accentuated by a smooth surface rather than a jagged one. Opal Gemstone Rings of this variety can have one stone, or as many as fifteen smaller stones arranged elegantly. Generally the stones that benefit from Cabuchon cut are not naturally crystalline in nature.

If looking for a Gemstone Wedding Ring, you will most likely be looking at rings made from diamond. The very first use of diamond as an engagement ring dates back to 1477, when in Vienna the Archduke Maximilian of Austria became engaged to Mary of Burgundy. Diamond rings in America, however, did not become common until the 1930’s. Some of the benefits of diamonds include the fact that they are very sturdy and have a widely shared cultural understanding in America. Gemstone Rings made with other types of rocks can be just as precious though, as there are stones such as Herkimer and Larimar which only grow in small areas of the world, much like the Kahelelani shell of the island of Kauai, though that is not a gemstone.

Gemstone Rings made out of turquoise are very popular among people who like the Native American aesthetic. The Native Americans used to mine turquoise and used it in much of their jewelry, as it grows in many parts of the Southwest such as Arizona and California. If using a big piece of turquoise, make sure the band of the ring is big enough to fit proportionately.

When looking at bands for Gemstone Rings, you also want to choose one that accentuates the stone the best. In a prong setting, little prongs of metal hold the stone in place. This is excellent for many diamonds, as it allows maximum light to enter the diamond. If the diamond has a flaw, then a bezel setting might be best, which is a metal band that wraps around the diamond and can make it appear larger. There are other settings to choose from, you can look at pictures at a jeweler to see which one is right for you.

Though rings with precious stones are commonly worn by women, they are also worn by men. Mens Gemstone rings will commonly have thicker bands, potentially with engraving on them. Sometimes the entire ring will be a thick band with small stones set into it, and other times there will be a central stone with a less decorative band.

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