Tuesday Jun 18, 2024

Gas Central Heating Tips That Will Save You Money

There are several homes that have older models of gas central heating systems still operating in their homes and offices. Most people that have gas central heating do not realize that they could reduce the amount they pay on their utility bills by as much as forty percent by simply upgrading their gas central heating system.

If your replace a system that is fifteen years old you will save as much as fifteen percent on the fuel bills. If you install a condensing boiler with the new system then the savings on your fuel will increase to thirty two percent. Those are significant savings.

A condensing boiler will not only save the homeowner money it would help to save the environment. CO2 emissions could be reduced by more than seventeen tonnes if everyone in the United Kingdom that had one of these heating systems simply installed condensing boilers.

If all of the people in the United Kingdom had condensing boilers on their heating systems there would be enough energy saved yearly to heat an additional four million homes. The people in the United Kingdom would save roughly one point three billion on their collective heating costs by installing all of these condensing boilers.

You can save as much as seventeen percent of your monthly heating costs by simply replacing the thermostat controls. The controls sense the temperature inside the room and tell the heating system when it needs to come on. If the controls are not working properly there is a chance that your system is running more than it needs to be. Controls are relatively inexpensive to change out.

Some of the other things you can do to help your gas central heating system work more efficiently, and cost less to operate include:

Replacing single glazing windows with double glazing Geen warm water windows will cut the amount of heat you lose through your windows. It has been reported that twenty percent of the heat that is lost in a home is lost through the windows. You can easily correct that and save yourself money.

Apply insulation to your attics and wall spaces. The additional insulation will stop you from losing your heated air and it will reduce the amount of cold air that is allowed to enter the structure.

Put jackets on hot water tanks so that you save money on the operation of these devices. The water in the tank will remain warmer for a longer period of time due to the presence of the jacket. You will also be helping to further reduce CO2 emissions by placing these jackets on the tanks. If all of the United Kingdom joined in the effort and placed jackets on their hot water cylinders the CO2 emissions could be reduced by as much as two million tonnes a year.

Close your draperies every evening at dusk to help you reduce the amount of heat that escapes around windows. You can buy draught excluders to help you reduce the amount of heated air you lose around doors, letterboxes, and windows.


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