Tuesday Jun 25, 2024

How to Choose the Best Sunglasses Or Glasses to Fit the Shape of Your Face

Finding sunglasses that compliment the shape of our face is just as important as having the right hairstyle or wearing clothing that fits your body shape. The following are guidelines, not rules, for choosing a suitable pair of eye wear. One should choose sunglasses frames that contrast their own facial features, meaning that the shape of the frames are actually opposite the shape of your face. This usually compliments your features much better than matching the shape of your face with similarly shaped glasses. Moreover, the size of the round sunglasses should be in proportion to your face; so a smaller head = smaller sunglasses.

Below is a guide for distinguishing your face type and that glasses or sunglasses that may suit your shape the best.

A Round Face. If you have a larger forehead, jaw line and circular chin and cheeks, you have what is considered a round face shape. They style of sunglasses best suitable for you are any style that breaks up softness and creates sharper contrast. Square or rectangular shaped frames are your best option. You should also not be afraid to focus on bright or loud colors, as they will compliment your features.

An Oval face: For an oval shaped face, or one that is not round but proportionate, rounded or angled glasses are the best choice as they extenuate your cheekbones focus on your eyes, lips and eyebrows. Oval features are the easiest to fit to sunglasses and one with oval shaped features can easily pull-off most colors and shapes. Horn rimmed glasses are also a great choice as they will draw attention to the sharp contours of your face, which will give you a nice 1920’s appeal.

Square Face Features: Round or oval sunglasses or glasses are best suited for someone with square lines and sharp features. Large or circular frames typically offset the sharp contours of square shaped features. Rounded or bug-eyed fashion shaped sunglasses are great choices for individuals with square features. These styles draw attention away from sharp angles (square) and tend to make the wearer look like they have a more triangular shaped face. Simply putting more weight or mass on the top section of the frames can achieve this effect easily. However, if you still personally insist on wearing smaller frames, you should consider horizontal oval styles in plain dark colors.

Triangle face: The triangular shaped face is one similar to many models and a “cute” look. If you have this shape, the same advice for square shapes applies. However, wearing large round sunglasses will make the chin look pointed or doll-ish especially if it is accompanied by bold bright colors that push the focus to the top half of the face.

Rectangle face: The rectangle shaped face is a little longer and chiseled than the square face. You should avoid rectangular shaped glasses as they will not compliment your face shape well. Instead, round or oval shaped frames will make your face appear more proportionate and offset the sharp edges in comparatively. This look can be enhanced with the use of Aviator style sunglasses like Ray Ban, for example.

Extra Tips: Picking glasses or sunglasses that enhance your features can be difficult. However there are a few things to remember that may help you find a pair suitable to you and the shape of your face. Your eyebrows should never be covered by your sunglasses. Ensure that this does not happen in all situations including all varieties of frame shapes. One method of choosing sunglasses or glasses is to continuously try on pairs until you find a pair that matches the natural curvature of your eyebrow. If you are a woman, you can also style your eyebrows to fit your glasses, especially if you have already found a great pair of sunglasses that you do not wish to part from.

Some other things to keep in mind: The lighter your hair color, the lighter your frames should be. Dark haired individuals tend to look better with darker colored frames and vice verse. Moreover, if you have bangs you should avoid dark and bulky looking frames as they tend to blend your entire face together making it look slightly disorganized. If you have short hair or wear your hair pulled back, you should find glasses that match your features. Less hair in your face means you should have less mass (frames) on your face; large glasses on people with these hairstyles look bulky and just plain bad.

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