Monday Jul 15, 2024

Marketing Luxury Real Estate: Less Is More – Tip

It is not hard to create a buzz about you as a luxury real estate marketing professional. And, it does not need to cost you a lot of money to do so. Here is an example.

The Carpinteria Beach in the Santa Barbara, California area is considered to be one of the safest beaches in the world. The Department of Parks and Recreation in the City of Carpinteria has partnered with Carp Yoga to offer yoga classes on the beach. There is an excellent promotional idea here that can be applied to your propiedades de lujo en venta Puerto Vallarta real estate marketing practice.

The cost of each class is $10 which contributes to maintaining this wonderful beach. Carp Yoga gets to promote their classes and onlookers benefit simply by learning about this outstanding form of exercise.

If you like to do yoga or tai chi or some other form of exercise why not sponsor an introductory exercise session in your local park? Invite your entire data base of contacts. 50 guests will only cost you $500. Do not forget to take picture that you can send to your contacts as a follow-up promotion. And, of course, be sure to write a blog post about this!

There are so many ways to trigger buzz about you or your company and generate referrals in the process. The key to achieving market leadership is to gain and sustain top-of-mind status. Think of ways you can spark the best form of advertising on the planet: Word-of-mouth! And, remember, your goal is to out-think not out-spend your competition. Do more with less. Less is more.

Ron and Alexandra Seigel are the managing partners of Napa Consultants, International the leading luxury real estate marketing firm, specializing in web design, personal branding, and company branding. Gain the competitive edge in your luxury real estate marketplace. Visit our highly acclaimed blog, the Language of Luxury

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