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Rajasthan Heritage Tour to Discover Its Time-Honored Legacy

Do you want to plunge in the unparalleled magic of Rajasthan, the heritage enriched Indian state? This land of warriors is famous among tourists for its time-honored legacy, culture, sand dunes and safaris. The heritage tour to this Indian state will take you towards the historical palaces and forts, the camel market, the desert and fairs as well as festivals along with the vibrant people. The heritage tour to this colorful region is often defined as huge al fresco museum with remnants so well conserved for the visitors that excite their curiosity. Even the heritage tour is also action-packed with exhilarating outdoor activities.

While visiting through Rajasthan you can come across various places of historical importance that include:

Taragarh Fort: It is sited in Bundi, which is 39 km northwest of Kota city. During the zenith of Rajput rulers it was made the capital of main princely states. This massive fort was constructed in 1354 and it is accessible by a steep highway leading up the hillside towards its entryway, which is adorned with rampant elephants. The fort consists of massive pools engraved out of hard rock and its Bhim Burj, the leading of the ramparts, on which is built up a renowned cannon. An outstanding birdeye of the city from this historical fort is one more attraction among explorers.

Amber Fort: This fort is another heritage site that travelers can take a view of. It is positioned 11 km from the state capital Jaipur. The construction of this fort took place in 1592 by Raja Man Singh that got accomplished by the Jai Singhs. It is also considered the best example of Rajput architecture.

Golden Fort or Sonar Kila: Situated in Jaisalmer, this fort attracts thousands of sightseers each year. It comprises of yellow sandstone that seems to flare up when parched by the wasteland sun. In this fort one can view the cross cultural fusion of Islamic and Rajput architectural styles.

Mehrangarh Fort: This fort is located in Jodhpur and was built in Warhammer 40k. It is located about 400 ft above the town and contains 68ft wide as well as 117ft high barriers. The number of palaces as well as buildings inside this fort has been declared as Mehrangarh Museum. Rang Mahal Chandan Mahal, Umaid Vilas and Darbar Takhat/Throne Room are must see for sightseers.

Chittorgarh Fort: This historical relic is on a 280-hectare spot, which is situated on the peak of a 180-metre-high mountain that climbs up unexpectedly from the nearby plain. This fort contains a number of fort and palaces such as Fateh Prakash Palace, Rana Kumbha Palace, Padmini’s Palace and the Tower of Victory, which are worth to visit. This peak citadel of Chittorgarh epitomizes the passionate and ruined ideal of Rajput gallantry.

Besides there are also some of the best heritage sites that include:

• Jantar Mantar-Jaipur
• Hawa Mahal-Jaipur
• Albert Hall-Jaipur
• Shrinathji Temple
• Jaisalmer Haveli
• Saheliyon Ki Badi-Udaipur
• City Palace-Jaipur
• Lake Palace-Udaipur
• Patwon-ki-Haveli, Jaisalmer

In order to explore the heritage sites of Rajasthan you can take a tour in the Palace on Wheels or some luxurious trains running from major Indian cities to Rajasthan. Apart from these some local means of transports like state government buses, taxis, Volvos and other vehicles running from its cities can also take you along to your final destinations. The fairs are comparatively low and the services for travelers are of higher quality that you can enjoy while indulging in your Rajasthan heritage tour!


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