Tuesday Jul 16, 2024

Types of Wholesale Sunglass Accessories

Wholesalers of sun glasses have to store sunglass accessories because these have equal demand as the sunglasses have. You will find several wholesale sun glass accessories which can be stored by the wholesalers. Here is a small summary of common accessories which are usually stored.

Repair kits are usually stocked in large numbers by wholesalers. These repair kits usually contain everything which is essential to fix small things in a sunglass, so that the user can repair them as soon as a need is felt. It includes a handy tool, some assorted screws, some nose pieces and some assorted nuts. These are usually sold by dealers in dozens for the convenience of the retailers.

Another important accessory which is of much use for the retailer is the polarized sunglass sign. This is an important tool for the advertisement and promotion of your retail unit. It helps to increase the sale of polarized sun glass. These signs are usually sold as single pieces. Any customer who comes to purchase polarized shades is asked to look at this sign board – those who wear polarized off white sunglasses are able to see the fish while others are not. This helps to explain the amazing cutting property of polarized shades which helps customers to make purchase these sunglasses. This acts as a sales promotion tool.

Sunglasses cases are usually demanded by customers so that they are able to keep all sunglasses safe and secure when not in use. A customer usually makes a purchase of the case whenever a sunglass is purchased. This makes them happy that the sun glasses are getting care from its very first day. These cases are available in many colors and in different sizes. You will get shades which are of medium size to large size cases for sunglasses which are bigger in shape. Most cases are made of durable material and are usually sold in dozen. If you are looking for wholesale accessories do not forget to include these cases in your collection of accessories.

Another very important sunglass accessory which is required for the maintenance of sunglasses are the cleaning clothes of these sun glasses. They need special cloth for cleaning so that the lens do not get damaged due to scratches in them. These are made to keep any sunglasses clean. Usually these cleaning clothes are sold by dozen. There are many retailers who offer these sunglasses cleaning clothes to buyers completely FREE of cost, as a gesture to thank them for making purchases from the store. Customers love free goods and they are happy to get such useful cleaning material from their store.

Sunglass cords are also available as fast selling accessories. These cords are usually used by children and often distributed free with kids sun glasses. The main aim of these cords is to help to keep sunglasses firmly in place, so that they do not become lose and distract the user fall off and get damaged. Sun glass cords are available of different materials and can be chosen as per the choice of the user.

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